Depending on which color scheme you choose for your office space, teammates will be moved to feel certain feelings or moods.

Office Color Schemes for 2020

Each color scheme in an office environment naturally lends itself to creating certain overall moods. If any of the color schemes mentioned below interest you for your office space, keep them in mind when you plan to redecorate after office moving in Las Vegas.

Green Color Schemes

The color green creates feelings of peace and serenity. This is the best shade to use in 2020 for meeting rooms, as it lessens nerves and inspires collaboration between team members. Good shades of green to use for this year would be celadon or seafoam.

Pink Color Schemes

Unlike red, which has a reputation for igniting feelings of anger, pink color schemes can help boost the overall morale and mood of team members. This naturally joyful color scheme can help to lift teammates out of a fatigued mood, too. For this color scheme, consider softer shades of pink mixing with brighter hues of white.

Blue Color Schemes

Blue invites team members to remain cool and collected, much like professionals in our society, such as police and nurses. This is an especially trendy color scheme choice for what has been a largely uncertain and challenging year. Some studies show that the color blue increases feelings of happiness as well.

Dark Green Color Schemes

Dark green reminds people of nature in the outdoors, which is often in stark contrast to what composes most office spaces: computers. For this reason alone, dark green color schemes are popular in 2020.

Brown Color Schemes

Brown color schemes make every person in the room feel powerful and special. Brown color schemes come with an element of masculinity as well. When paired with rich, dark furniture, it gives off a kind of pleasant warmth, making brown color schemes a no-brainer for 2020.

Blue Mixed With Gray Color Schemes

Bluish-gray color schemes make an office space feel more professional without being suffocating or drab. Much like blue color schemes, bluish-gray color schemes evoke a calm response out of team members.