In a world where social distancing is critical, it will be important to create office waiting areas that are safer for both the receptionist and office visitors.

Waiting Areas That Keep People Safe

In a post-COVID world, people will be extremely conscious about where they are in proximity to someone else. If you have a waiting room that doesn’t allow for proper social distancing, then people will become uncomfortable. Therefore, is it important for offices to redesign their waiting areas to allow for proper social distancing.

Keeping People at a Distance

One of the first steps that offices should consider is the placement of seats. In some waiting rooms, such as at medical offices, the seats are located right next to each other. In a post-COVID world, it may be necessary to remove seats to allow for at least 6 feet in between people. Also, adding some form of obstruction between visitors can help aid social distancing. For instance, placing tall office plants between chairs can help with social distancing. Another helpful tool is to hire a company to provide a modular furniture installation that can allow for more flexibility in the waiting area.

Consider Furniture Placement and Foot Traffic

In addition to proper placement of seating and decor, it is important to consider the foot traffic in the waiting area. You will want to create pathways where people are not passing each other. This will allow for better social distancing. If possible, you should have a waiting area with a dedicated entrance and exit. Also, you can have a dedicated entrance from the waiting area to the rest of the office. By having the right type of one-way foot traffic, you can create a safer waiting area for your visitors.

Getting Waiting Areas Redesigned

If you are looking to have your waiting area redesigned for a post-COVID world, then you will want to look at reorganizing the layout, getting new furniture and setting up one-way foot traffic. There are expert furniture installers and office designers that can assist your office in creating a new waiting area. Finally, when you have your new waiting area in place, test out the area with a limited number of visitors. This will allow you to make the right adjustments before operating at full capacity. Taking these steps will go a long way to reducing viral transmission and creating a safer overall waiting area.