As employees return to work, offices must enough that personal is safe from the transmission of the Coronavirus. Is a cubicle arrangement enough of a social distancing measure?

Is a Cubicle Arrangement the Answer for Employee Safety?

As people begin to return to work, all offices must follow a social distancing protocol. That will include having to look at a cubicle arrangement as a viable way to keep employees safe while they are at their desks. However, are cubicles enough of a social distancing solution? It is quite possible that cubicles are a sufficient solution as long as the cubicle walls are high enough and there are pathways around the cubicles that allow for proper social distancing. However, there are other possible solutions available.

Flexible Workspace

Another possible solution to have a more flexible workspace that includes movable walls to allow for proper social distancing when needed. You can hire a company that is experienced in Las Vegas office installations to place movable walls in your office that can quickly create instant enclosed spaces. This can allow for better social distancing for meetings and presentations. Also, an office can have more cubicle walls available to create more distance between employees when needed.

A Proper Seat Charting Makes for a Safer Cubicle Arrangement

When planning for a safer cubicle and safer office, it is important to consider but the office layout and foot traffic. It is a good idea to have the cubicles located in areas where there is less foot traffic. That will allow for better social distancing. Also, each cubicle must be designed so that each employee is seated at least 6 feet apart from each other. That will help reduce the natural transmission of viruses through the air. Finally, it is a good idea that each open to each cubicle is at least 6 feet from each other. Your office may benefit from having cubicles rearranged in a way to allow for better social distancing.

The Benefits of Social Distancing at Work

With the proper office setup, employees will be better protected from viral infections while at work. This will help maintain productivity, reduce sick days and reduce the panic that might ensure if there is a breakout in the office. By having the right office design and the proper social distancing protocols, any office will be able to operate normally.