Open Office, Cubicles or Offices? How to Choose

Over the past couple of years, the idea of an open-space workplace has become more and more popular. Employers state that keeping employees within cubicles in inhuman and only leads to shoddy work. But is an open-space office layout really that much better than cubicles or even offices? The following information includes a few facts that can help you make an educated guess about which layout configuration to choose from.

Open Offices

As stated above, the open office concept has quickly become popular among new companies. Employers state that this practice is much more human and increase office communication. Some studies even show that this type is an employee office preference and thus the reason why it should be encouraged. But do they fit your style? This office concept is a good thing if you are running a tech business where communication is key. Now, if your company deals with clients such as a law firm, privacy might be an issue, and an open office concept might not be the best route to take.


The cubicle has been a staple of the workplace for decades. They allow employees to have a certain amount of privacy to do their work and speak to clients. So, why do they carry such a bad reputation? Much of the negativity about cubicles come from the size of the space itself. Companies do this to save on space and furniture. In addition, cubicles can give a false sense of privacy, and thus people contribute more noise leading to less work being done.

Choose the Best Office Layout

The layout configuration of an office is hardly ever looked at because it takes so many resources and time for a Las Vegas office installation company to complete such a project. However, companies choose to go this route because it gives off a sense of importance and authority in their particular field.