Is a Wired or Wireless Office Better for Your Business?

As you begin to set up your business, you need to ask yourself many questions. One question you should not forget to ask and subsequently answer is, which is better a wired or wireless network? There is no sure way to secure a wireless network. With the many recent laws passed regarding the right to privacy for those who use the internet, there comes a time that you should consider whether to connect to your network wire-free or wired. The reason is that the wireless network, even if protected by a router, is not secure. You need to protect the data entrusted to you.

Wireless Advantages and Disadvantages

There are many advantages and disadvantages of a wire-free network. Let us start with the benefits, then move on to the difficulties; in waging the battle between a wire-free or wired network. The advantages include many of the following:

There are no wires to fight.
You can move or add desks without concern.
Your staff can easily connect their devices to the network.

The disadvantages include the following:

A wireless network can never be as secure as a wired network.
Passing confidential information through a wireless network can get your company into a lawsuit.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Wired Network

Like with a wireless network, a wired internet connection offers many benefits and problems. As you compare networks, examine the advantages of having a wired office:

A wired connection adds more security for sensitive and confidential data to pass through.
Wired networks are faster than wireless, adding to the productivity of your office.
There is much reliability offered by a wired internet connection.

Next, move on to the disadvantages with wired network connections:

The only disadvantage of a wired network is the unsightly look of having wires around the office.

The Final Decision for What Is Best in Your Office

If you are cringing with the idea of having those wires hanging around your office, you should go with the wireless internet connection. Las Vegas office installation companies are waiting to provide your company with the best internet connection. The answer to the age-old question of should your office have wired internet, or wireless lies with you, the business owner. There is no clear-cut solution. Your office is different than your neighbor’s office. Go with what you feel is best for your company.