Keep Your Office Safe: Decontaminate Office Supplies Daily

If your office is still operating, or you’re planning to bring your employees back to work in the future, you’ll have to have a plan to decontaminate office supplies. Bacteria and viruses can linger on surfaces and are transmitted easily from items that employees have to touch on a regular basis, such as office supplies and doorknobs. Daily sanitizing of these items can keep your employees safe.

Decontaminate Office Supplies and Doorknobs

Everyone touches doorknobs in the workplace multiple times a day. Sterilize the doorknobs at the beginning of the workday, and encourage employees to cover their hands with a paper towel when opening or closing doors and to dispose of the paper towel immediately. You should do the same with refrigerator handles and bathroom faucets. Consider investing in automatic bathroom faucets with touch sensors and automatic sliding doors for rooms that are used often.

Sanitize the Keyboards on a Daily Basis

Office workers spend the majority of the day inputting information with their keyboards. As employees get up to socialize with coworkers, use the restroom and eat, they bring microbes back to their desk and keyboards. Clean office supplies like keyboards with disinfecting wipes. Consider stocking each desk with a package of disinfecting wipes so employees can wipe down their keyboards before each use. Companies for office moving in Las Vegas may be able to help you rearrange the desks so that employees are not sitting closely to one another.

Make Sure the Office Printer Is as Germ-Free as Possible

Some viruses can be transmitted simply by breathing. If you notice that employees tend to congregate around the office printer, sterilize the surrounding area. Post reminders for employees to wash their hands before and after leaving group areas, such as conference rooms and the shared kitchen. Sanitize the printer with disinfectant wipes or spray. Encourage employees who show symptoms of an illness to stay at home until they are feeling better.