How to Pack the Office for a Move

If you’ve recently found out that not only do you have to pack the office but that it’s your job to organize the entire move, the following is for you. Preparing the office for a transition can be quite the daunting task, fortunately, with the right plan in place, you can make the process go that much smoother.

Know the Office Moving Date

One of the first things you need to make sure you are aware of is not just the date that you will be transitioning but also certain deadlines. This may include deadlines for moving out tech, documents, and furniture, to name a few. You should make it a point to clearly communicate with your Las Vegas office movers to ensure that these dates are concrete with both parties.

Gather the Necessary Supplies to Pack the Office

Although some moving companies offer moving supplies, you may not have packing supplies for larger, more unique things such as computer servers. Therefore, always make sure that you are aware of the proper packing supplies needed for your office supplies. Ask your moving service what they offer, or you may even contact suppliers to request empty boxes.

Communication Is Key

It is often the move itself that complicates things but rather a lack of communication between the business leader and their staff. Therefore, it is imperative that you clearly define tasks that need to be done. This includes storing away important files, removing important valuables from their desks, and even dates when they need to work remotely. Having everyone on the same page can greatly improve the process of moving.

Include Moving Teams

Let’s face it, moving an entire office from one location to another is a daunting feat, to say the least. In order to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch, you must assign roles to your staff. Call this your moving team. Although they will all report to you, the moving team will mostly take care of all the smaller issues, such as date reminders for the rest of the staff.