Social distancing will be a big issue as people return to work. Can one-way traffic flow be the solution?

Creating a Safer Office With Better Traffic Flow

In a world where people will have to maintain proper social distancing, your office will need to take the required steps to reduce the transmission of viruses. This can be done by taking proven approaches, such as social distancing and creating one-way traffic flows around the office. In order to create one-way traffic, the office’s layout will need to be modified, and instructions should be created regarding how employees should move around the office.

Going One Way to Keep People at a Distance

When traffic moves in one direction, this prevents people from walking past each other which greatly increases the chance of viral transmission. Also, one-way traffic will give employees more of an opportunity to practice social distancing. However, this approach will require more than simply telling your employees where they can and cannot walk. In order to maintain a natural one-way traffic design, an office will need to modify its office layout.

Using the Right Office Layout

Some of the first steps an office can take to maintain one-way traffic are to have a dedicated entrance and exit door. Simply put, people will not be able to enter and exit an office or a department of an office through the same door. This will greatly reduce the amount of two-way traffic in an office. Also, the office should be moved around to ensure two different paths around the office. You can hire business movers in Las Vegas to get this modification done. After the modifications have been made, it is recommended that this new layout is tested with a limited staff. You will want to make sure that the office has been optimized for one-way traffic before the full staff occupies the office.

Keeping Employees Safe With One-Way Traffic Flow

By having one-way traffic, you will be able to keep your office safer from viral transmissions. This will allow your office to stay fully staffed throughout the year. It is a good idea to continually monitor the foot traffic around your office to find new ways to properly practice better social distancing.