Do Office Air Purifying Plants Really Work?

As you undergo a new Las Vegas office installation, you may have wondered if you should setup air purifying plants, too. While you very well can install plants throughout the office, the most recent studies suggest that plants have limited air purifying power.

Here is some information to consider.

Do They or Don’t They?

In 1989, NASA famously published a study that found plants could clear the air of cancer-causing compounds like formaldehyde and benzene. Research that was conducted later then found that potted plants could clean the air, too, thanks to the microorganisms found in the soil. In 2019, the consensus changed, however. 195 studies were re-analyzed. It was found that to successfully, truly clean the air, a person would have to employ a high density of plants. Plants clean some air but not enough to make a difference.

So, should you still install plants in your office? Yes.

Air Purifying Plants Have Other Benefits

Even though plants are not going to purify the office air nearly as well as an air purifier will, plants offer other benefits, especially in an office setting. It has been found that they are great for reducing stress, increasing productivity and making work spaces more attractive to job applicants. Plants are great for absorbing sound so they can reduce noise in an office. Additionally, they can help reduce sickness and employee absence. Basically, they break up the monotony of an office environment with beauty.

What Plants Should You Install?

Some plants that you can install in your office are Spider plants, Sword Ferns and Weeping Figs. Snake plants, African violets and English ivy are other worthwhile options. The latter are particularly great for increasing humidity near desk areas while adding some style to the layout of the office.