Planning Checklist for an Office Move

Moving your office is a process that takes a lot of time, patience, and planning to get it right. Because moving a whole office as well as its staff is such a large task, it should be divided into multiple parts. Accomplishing that goal begins with crafting a planning checklist that everyone can both easily follow and accomplish the task at hand.

Any Planning Checklist Begins With a Timeline

A checklist is only as effective as its timeline. Telling people what to do without informing them when it should be done isn’t going to make the process any easier. Therefore, the very first thing you should add to your checklist is a timeline. This should include when the process begins, by when certain objects should be packed away, and the days that your office moving Las Vegas service is going to be showing up.

Form Teams for Your Planning Checklist

The reality if an office move is that it’s simply too big of a process for one person to handle. Therefore, it is highly recommended to form teams. One team may be in charge of communication, another regarding moving supplies needed, and so on.

Conduct Town Halls

Moving is a complicated process with a lot of moving parts, literally. This is why it is important to conduct weekly meetings/town halls where staff can share their concerns and suggestions regarding the move. You may also take this time to ask team leaders about the current progress of the organization process within their own areas.

Communicate With Clients

Moving isn’t something that is only going to affect you; it’s also going to affect your clients. Thus, it is imperative that you take the time to contact each and every one of your clients to ensure that there is no confusion as to the location and state of your company.