office location with workers wearing masks

Rethinking Your Office Location Post-COVID

If your business has been given the green light to bring employees back to work on-site, you may feel a sense of both excitement and stress. COVID-19 has changed how people feel about spending time in close contact spaces like an office. This has led business owners to rethink the location of their offices post-COVID.

Downtown Office Location

If you live in a major city, it’s likely that you have your main offices downtown. This is often the most convenient place for companies as it is in the middle of everything they need. However, post-COVID can make this spot into a negative rather than a positive. Employees may not want to come to an office location where they are constantly going to be in close contact with other people. Moving is usually the best option, but if budget is an issue, having a modular furniture installation company come in and redesign the space may be your best bet.

Shared Offices

Over the years, the concept of shared work offices has increased. This is mainly because they are relatively affordable for startups. The shared office concept sees multiple companies working on one floor. This may not be the best option during post-COVID times.

Creating Hybrid Offices

One of the things that business owners are doing is converting their offices into a work from home/physical hybrid location. This means that the office will only be used when it is absolutely necessary to meet in person, with all other basic tasks being done from home so that there is less risk of exposure to contagious diseases.