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Guide for an Accessibility Checklist for Your Corporate Office Storage

Most offices in Las Vegas are full of busy workers who are quickly zipping around to get tasks done. While speed equals efficiency, it can also be a hazard if your corporate office storage area isn’t accessible. In fact, it can even be a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The best way to make sure your storage area is accessible is by creating a checklist. A good checklist serves two purposes. It makes it a breeze to implement accessibility policies, and it ensures that you don’t violate the law. Here are six tips that will help you create a functional checklist.

Familiarity With the Law

The checklist for your corporate office storage area should be created by someone who is familiar with the Americans with Disabilities Act. This person should be fully familiar with the act, not just the “major” parts. If you rely on someone who isn’t totally versed in the act, you may end up missing minor details that can get you in trouble later. This can result in hefty fines or even legal action against your company.

Another reason you want the person to be fully familiar with the law is that it gets revised from time to time. It was first signed into law in 1990 and was revised in 2010. Obviously, the rate of revision isn’t very high being that there was a 20-year gap between the original act and the revision. However, this doesn’t mean that the next gap will take that long.

The person who creates the checklist should be able to learn new policies with ease to prevent delays in implementing them. That will only happen if they’re already familiar with the old policies.

Create the Checklist From the Beginning

It’s a bit more complicated to implement accessibility policies for a preexisting corporate office storage area. However, if you create the list before your Las Vegas office installation or before your office relocation, you’ll be able to streamline the implementation of accessibility policies for your storage area. This can save you time and money when setting up the storage space.

Having the checklist handy beforehand is a smart move if you’re having your storage area (or your office) newly constructed. Knowing what you need beforehand – for example, space, lighting, etc. – leads to the best storage area you could possibly have for your employees. Plus, you won’t have to waste time later redesigning the space.

Be Familiar With Your Corporate Office Storage Area

It’s hard to create a checklist for something you aren’t familiar with. You’d be surprised how many executives have never visited their corporate office storage areas. If you’re that executive, you should change that immediately.

You need to know what your space looks like, what is in it, what issues it has, and how it needs to be updated. That’s the only way to create an effective checklist. Of course, if this task is outsourced to an employee, then they need to visit the storage area often until the checklist is created and finalized. This prevents guesswork and costly mistakes.

Seek Help

You don’t run every area of your corporation by yourself so it makes sense that you may need help with creating this checklist. Don’t be afraid to ask professionals for a consultation. Putting several minds together can help you cover all bases.

Business movers in Las Vegas are an excellent source as they constantly set these spaces up and are responsible for implementing many accessibility policies. Architects are another excellent source. Since they design spaces for a living, they’ll be familiar with any accessibility laws that you need.

Value Employee Feedback on Your Corporate Storage Area

Your employees are always one of your best resources. Since they are the ones that are in and out of the storage area, they’ll be able to provide you with insightful ideas about making the area more accessible. Consider them your eyes and ears when it comes to information like this.

Considering employees’ input isn’t about keeping in line with the law and avoiding fines or legal action. It’s about ensuring that your employees have a comfortable space to work in. This boosts employee morale and makes workers feel valued. This will motivate them and lead to an office that runs much more effectively. Gaining ideas about accessibility is more like a bonus to these outcomes.

In Summary

For any business, small or large, accessibility can be a tough issue to tackle. There are so many points of view to consider plus the efforts to implement legal policies. It’s not a task that should be taken lightly.

A checklist should always be the starting point for making your Las Vegas storage area accessible. It keeps you organized and on task, plus ensures that you don’t waste time and money. Using the tips provided will help you create the best checklist for your business, leading to an exemplary office storage space for all.