advance notice

4 Tips for Giving Advance Notice About Moving the Office

Set Expectations Ahead of Time

Around three or four months before you move to your new office location, you will want to draft a checklist of your move that includes all of the actions you need to complete and the deadlines associated with those actions. Speaking of actions that need to be completed, you should assign your team members to some of these actions so that the move to your new office location is easier. Telling your team members the expectations you have for the move will allow them to plan for it ahead of time. Likewise, you should give any partners or suppliers of your move advance notice of the move and your contact information. This way, you guys can collaborate about a good moving date together.

Figure Out How You Want to Handle Your Data

Something that may be overlooked as you are moving but that is equally as important as the move itself is the recycling of old electronics, including taking care of the data stored on those same devices. Most electronics come with a guide for how to erase data after you’ve copied it from your devices. If not, you should be able to find valuable resources for how to purge the old data online. Once you have completed that step, you need to find a way to safely dispose of any electronic products in your office to prevent any damage to the environment.

Give Your Customers Notice for the Transition Period

In most instances, it is not practical to simply stop doing business as you are moving from your office. If you generally deal with clients remotely, remember to give them advance notice as you are moving so that they know to expect that you may be slower to return emails or calls. This way, you can maintain customer support during your move.

Tie Up Any Loose Ends

You need to take pictures of all of your inventory in the event that you have to go through a claims process because your office items got damaged during transit. Set up a cancellation date for the utilities at your current location, and pick out a suitable utility option for your new office with business movers in Las Vegas.