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The Best Time of Year to Move

The moving process can be quite exhausting, to say the least. Therefore, homeowners want to ensure that everything is properly scheduled in hopes that the process becomes much easier. All this begins by choosing the best time of the year to move. Fortunately, there are a couple of things that we can use to narrow down this time. The following includes information regarding the best time of year to move and what factors come into play.

Best Time of Year to Move

According to data, the best time of year to move is within the fall and winter months. These usually include September through April. This usually is the case because families don’t want to remove children from school mid-semester. Another reason includes wanting to be set for the holiday season. All these factors contribute to having fewer people moving, and thus you are able to receive better rates from local moving companies. Other services such as modular furniture installation companies may also be in less demand and thus cheaper to hire.

Best Week of the Month to Move

Now that you have a number of months to choose from, let’s move onto the specific week you should move. To get an even better rate, you may want to choose to move mid-month. This is because moving companies will be much busier at the beginning and at the end of each month due to leases either ending or starting.

Best Day of the Week to Move

Mid-month is now your week to move, but what day should you do it on? Professional movers suggest avoiding the weekend as most families will take this time to book their moving service. Although it can be rather difficult, choosing a weekday to move is the best option if you want to find those deals.