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An Open Floor Plan Versus Cubicles in an Office

For many years, cubicles were thought of as the best way to provide staff members privacy as well as eliminate office distractions. For decades, this actually ended up not being true. Sure, cubicles provided privacy, but they really didn’t cut down on distractions and, in fact, decrease productivity due to not having interactions with other employees. Thus entered the age of the open floor plan in offices. However, even this plan held its disadvantages, particularly in the area of privacy. So which is better? Read on to learn some of the key pros and cons of each type of design.

Cubicle Office Space Design

Cubicles provide exactly what humans crave, which include shelter and safety. However, it also eliminates something humans also crave, social interaction. Now, the reason why cubicles lasted for this long is that they are great absorbers of sound. This has allowed employees to work in peace without having to hear their neighbors talk about how bad their weekend was. Business leaders also liked them because they eliminate distraction, but when nobody can see you inside your cubicle, you are more likely to play a few rounds of solitaire. Therefore, before seeking the services of a company that specializes in office moving in Las Vegas, make sure that you fully understand the disadvantages of cubicles before installing them.

An Open Floor Plan for Your Office

There’s a reason why open floor plans have become so popular over that past few years, and that’s because they bring the office to life. Unlike cubicles, this layout allows natural light to bounce off the walls, thus making staff members feel better. In addition, it also cuts down on wasted time as business leaders can clearly see what their staff is working on. You do have the issue of privacy. This has led employees to create make-shift borders around their desks to ensure privacy. Although if you have a shared policy regarding space, then the open office floor plan may be the best route to take.