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A Guide to Creating a Calming Office Space

Perhaps the most common complaint from employees is that their office space is simply not the most comfortable place to get work done. This leads to staff having to bring their own indoor plants, pictures, and candles to make their space that much more calming. Fortunately, business leaders quickly realize that by providing a better, more calming office space for their employees, they are actually improving work production. So how can you accomplish this? Here are some of the best ways to change the mood in your office to ensure that stress is eliminated.

Introduce Natural Light for a More Calming Office Spacelas vegas office movers

When it comes to office light, none is more despised than the fluorescent lights that shine down onto people’s desks. This type of light can be quite taxing on the eyes and even make people feel drowsy. Adding natural light to your office space is a great way to provide people with their required vitamins as well as to regulate their night and sleep schedules. If you’re moving into a new space, it is highly recommended to ask your Las Vegas office installation company position furniture towards areas that provide the most natural light.

Declutter the Area

According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, one of the most important things that people need is a safe environment to work in. This, of course, is not possible when a workspace is cluttered with large boxes, documents, and other safety hazards. Provide your staff with a more relaxing office space by removing these obstacles from view and heavily walked areas.

Provide Quiet Rooms

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If your business requires a lot of walking, talking, and speaking on the phone, it may be a little difficult to help people become calmer. This is why it is a great idea to introduce quiet rooms in your office space. You should not permit any phones or laptops within this area. It will simply be a spot for your staff to step in and take a breather before going back to their desk.

If your office setup does not allow for the addition of a quiet room, consider having a comfortable lounge area where staff members can take breaks between projects.

When to Call Capitol Level One

If you are considering adding new furniture to your current layout to provide staff with additional areas to meet, we can help!

Contact Capitol Level One in the early planning stages of projects to let us assist in finding the best solutions for your modular furniture needs.   Working together to minimize downtime and to get your office functioning as quickly as possible.

Our team has worked with all major office furniture manufacturers and has what it takes to make your installation a success to create a calming environment.

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Updated 1/14/21