The Best Plants for Your Office Space

The traditional office is often built to be natural as to not impose a set design on people. However, when this done, it can leave a space feeling dull and essentially lifeless. This is why so many people choose to bring in plants into the workplace and keep them on their desks or the surrounding area. However, not all plants are suitable for indoors. Read on to learn some helpful information regarding the best plants for your office space.

Snake Plants for Your Office Space

The snake plant, aka Sansevieria, is one of the more durable plants to have within the office. If you’re planning to hire business movers in Las Vegas, these plants are strong enough to survive the trip. Not only are they tough natured, but they can really bring in a wonderful presence to the office as they continue to grow. In terms of watering, they require very little to survive. You can use small cups to water the plant every day, and that will usually be enough to sustain it. If you’re choosing to have it as a desk plant, then it is best to go with a Futura Superba as they don’t grow as tall.

English Ivy Plant

The hard edges of an office and a desk can be a boring sight to constantly see. Break those dull patterns with an English Ivy plant. This type of ivy plant is perfect as the tendrils can be wrapped around almost any service. In addition, they require very little light to survive, thus making them perfect for indoor offices.

The ZZ Plant

Native to Africa, the ZZ plant is a perfect addition to any workspace. The leaves of this plant tend to be dark green and thus are perfect for offices that sport bright white walls. Lastly, ZZ plants require almost no light to grow, and thus, fluorescent lights are enough to sustain their growth.