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Ways to Keep Up With Items Typically Lost During an Office Move

There are a lot of issues to navigate when it comes to moving into a new office. Not only do you have to prepare any employees for the change, but you also have to ensure your customers can find you in the new location. Even as you tick off your moving checklist, you can still miss a few items and leave them behind. Read on to learn ways to keep up with items usually lost during an office move.

Start an Office Move by Taking Down Wall Decor

The decorations that you put on your office walls can brighten the rooms and keep your team inspired. But, at some point, you can get used to having them there. It can be easy to miss posters, artwork, shelves, and even whiteboards because they are such a common sight. Get them into the hands of the business movers in Las Vegas by packing them up first. Begin high with the walls and then moving downwards to the floors, so everything in between is grabbed.

Dedicate the Last Day to Use Up Office Supplies

Many office supplies are tucked away in closets and drawers. Your stationery and stamps can be in one place while cleaning bottles are in another. If not used daily, you can move on without bringing them along. Put these items in the forefront by dedicating a whole day to their use. Your envelopes with the old address can be used to store small items like paperclips, tacks, and pens. The cleaning sprays and wipes can be used to straighten up the office as business movers get the boxes and desk out of the way.

Even though these suggestions should help you get every piece moved from your office, anything can still go wrong. Save money on extra trips and repurchases by designating people to walk through once the movers leave.