Tips for an Office Move

Before packing boxes and unplugging your computers and copy machines there are a few steps you should take to ensure a quick and timely office move. Start by choosing full service Las Vegas office movers to reduce the stress on you and your employees.

First Things First

Determine the reason for the move. The most common reason for moving a business is to be closer to its target market. Another reason companies move office in Las Vegas is to be more convenient for the quality of employees they want.

Once you are clear why you are moving, you need to determine the requirements for your new office. You may need bigger and better conference rooms, more storage space or a better lobby and waiting room. When you have finalized your future needs, you may hire a broker to help you find the right office space.

The Next Steps

At least six months before you need to be out of your office space and preferably earlier, create a moving team and give them different jobs in the moving process. If you are not the leader of the team, you should assign a leader, called the Move Champion, to oversee all the jobs allotted to the staff.

One of the team’s jobs is to make an accurate list of the office inventory. This takes time, which is why it needs to start several months before the move. If there are items that are no longer used or needed, they should not be part of the move and labeled as such.

Based on all the above, you can create a timeline of the move to help the team stay on track and on time. The team should also make a floor plan of the new office, so you can see in advance where objects will go. This will make the unpacking much easier and faster.

You Are Ready to Move Office

During the time you make the move, your office will not be functioning. If you have a choice, try to move during your business’s slow season.