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3 Tips for a Seamless and Easy Office Move

As many employees have been asked to work from home this year, many business owners have taken the opportunity to reassess their current offices and move spaces while team members aren’t in the office.

Perhaps the only thing more stressful than moving homes is moving offices. No matter how big or small your business is, an office move is a huge endeavor that you can’t afford to mess up. For help with understanding the logistics of completing your big move, read this guide on how to ensure an easy office move.

1. Create an Early Office Move Plan las vegas office moving

The first step in having a great office moving experience is to start planning as soon as possible. Before you even set a date for your move or have a new location picked out, you should already have a plan for your move. This plan should include a breakdown of responsibilities. For example, who will be the go-to person, who will oversee computer systems, who will pack office supplies, and so on. You should also have moving meetings where you discuss logistics and further planning to make sure you stay on schedule. Online platforms, such as Zoom, allow you to meet with employees and delegate tasks even if you aren’t currently meeting in person.

modular furniture installation2. Choosing a Mover

Obviously, you won’t be able to move your office all on your own, so you will need to hire an office moving company. The search for the right movers should be an intensive process that includes interviewing potential movers and gathering testimonials from past clients. You’re also going to want to gather estimates from companies and compare them. Last, make sure that your chosen company does everything you need it to, including helping with packing and setup.

3. Office Setup modular furniture installation

It’s also important that once you’ve settled on a new space that you devise a setup plan that could include having a modular furniture installation completed before you even move into your new office space. You also need a plan for every other aspect of your business, such as where certain employees will have their desks and where your computer servers will be located. Having a setup plan completed before moving day ensures that the move will go smoothly.

How Capitol Level One Can Help

We understand how important a timely and efficient business move is to preserving your company’s operations during the relocation process. Capitol Level One specializes in minimizing your downtime by planning and executing your business relocation quickly so your business can be back up and operational without disruption. We accomplish this by approaching the move in an organized and systematic manner, planning the move along with you to make sure that all the critical needs of the move are met.

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Updated 1/14/21