Checklist for Office Relocation

Office relocation happens for a number of reasons, but no matter the issue, it can still be a very stressful time for management and employees alike. Therefore, it is only appropriate to be proactive. Implementing a checklist to your move can be your ticket to an efficient and stress-free workplace relocation.

Choosing the Right Moving Company for Your Office Relocation

Contrary to popular belief, just because a moving company is large, it does not mean they will do a good job. Fortunately, there are Las Vegas office installation companies that can do good work if appropriately vetted. Business leaders should question their past work, services, and their policy on special requests such as date changes or removal of current furniture.

Review Existing Contracts

If there is one thing that can bring your move to a sudden halt is an unresolved contract. Often, business leaders won’t notice certain issues with their contracts until it’s too late. Since you don’t want to see yourself fighting a legal battle and moving your entire team to a new office location, always make sure that all your current property contracts such as leases are taken care of. Some things to look out for are deposit returns, fines on breaking a lease early, etc.

Organize a Moving Team

You don’t have to do this alone. Your employees might be more than happy to help with the moving process. This could include assembling a team of your top people from each department. This would no doubt allow you to concentrate on the bigger picture rather than having to worry about which box the computer monitors will go into.

Communication Is Key During Office Relocation

One of the most overlooked areas of a checklist is the communication aspect of it. Informing employees as well as customers about your nearing move is crucial to keeping productivity levels up. This can be accomplished by setting up recurring emails that contain new and permanent information regarding the move. This small yet significant task can save you and your company time and money.